Łukasz Stokowski
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154x60.1x76.8 CM
(60.63x23.66 x30.24 IN)
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Limited edition of SMEG Fab 28 refrigerators by Łukasz Stokowski. Copy 2/10.

The SMEG company is known for its unique design and cooperation with global brands. Until now, limited series of its products were created in cooperation, among others with BMW Mini Cooper, Dolce & Gabbana or Swarovski. The project implemented with Stokowski is the first such initiative of SMEG in Poland.

Work on the first two of the 10 refrigerators took several months. It was a time of testing, proper development of technology and durability. The devices have been hand-bound in linen and painted in a colorful style characteristic of the artist. Visible structures and color contrast gave a spectacular visual effect. In the final stage, the whole thing was covered with a colorless protective varnish. The Smeg Fab 28 is undoubtedly a design icon, now it has become a work of art.

Łukasz Stokowski (born 1983, Warsaw)

He describes himself as an outsider, trendsetter, risk-taker, and sensitive abstractist. His art eludes rigid frames and established patterns. Stokowski's uncompromising painting is a reflection of his courage and artistic maturity.

His works to date also show strong inspirations from architecture, Bauhaus and New York abstract expressionism. Stokowski consciously blurs the line between the world of high and applied art. He collaborates with brands such as SMEG, Coca-Cola, Ghelamco or Infiniti, whose products become works of art in the hands of the artist.

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