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14x12x CM
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The frame is a work made around 1900 in the Fabergé studio in St. Petersburg by the master Victor Aarne.

The frame is in the form of a plate supported by a support. The frame has the shape of an irregular symmetrical polygon based on a rectangle with widened corners, and topped with a semicircle. Mahogany wood, silver of 88 goldsmiths, enamel, gold, glass. The frame is labeled with the set of 7 points. The points are located on the square frame, on the support, on the hinge and on the pendant. The points and their location comply with the guidelines contained in the "Rules for the labeling of gold and silver products" issued by the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Russia.

The frame was created around 1900. Based on the punc analysis, the frame can be dated between 1896 and 1908. Certainly the frame could not have been created earlier than 1896 and not later than 1904, that is, the year Aarne he stopped working.

The frame is made in the neoclassical style with the features of an eclectic variant of this style created in the Fabergé studio, referring to the style of Alexander I and Louis XVI.

The frame is in perfect condition. Wood, enamel and parts made of silver are in perfect condition, without damage. The points are legible and are in very good condition.

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