Wojciech Fangor
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69x75.5x CM
(27.17x29.72 x0 IN)
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Colored serigraphy, dimensions 69x75.5 cm (with frame 83x83 cm), numbered 7/10, signed lower right Fangor 2005. The artwork comes from the collection of the Fangor family.

Wojciech Fangor (Warsaw 1922 - Warsaw 2015) studied painting with Tadeusz Pruszkowski and Felicjan Szczęsny-Kowarski (1940-44). In 1946 he obtained a diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. In 1954-62 he was an assistant professor at the Faculty of Graphic Arts of this university. He participated in the official artistic life of the socialist realism period as a painter and graphic artist. In painting, he sometimes used redrawing on the border of an intended caricature ("Figures", 1950). In film posters, he used a metaphor and a synthetic painting sign in a way that differed from the doctrine of socialist realism ("Stronger than the Night", 1955), becoming a co-creator of the so-called Polish school of posters. He also collaborated with architects, including with Stanisław Zamecznik, with whom he created the "Study of Space" in 1958, the first Polish environment based on his optical images. In 1961 he left Poland, initially to Vienna, then to Washington (1962), Paris (1962-1964), West Berlin (1964-1965) and England (1965-1966). In 1966 he settled permanently in the United States, where he lectured at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison (1966-1983) and at the Faculty of Architecture of Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachussets (1967-1968). In 1978 he received the Jurzykowski Foundation award. In 1989 he moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and has lived in Poland since the 1990s.

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