Leon Tarasewicz
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100x130x CM
(39.37x51.18 x0 IN)
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Leon Tarasewicz (Stacja Waliły in Białostocczyzna, 14 March 1957, lives in the village of Waliły and in Warsaw) studied at the Faculty of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 1979-1984. He obtained his diploma in the studio of prof. Tadeusz Dominik. Already during his studies he found his own way of presenting synthesized nature on the border of abstraction. In the initial period, his paintings were based on carefully observed motifs, such as cones of trees seen from afar on mountain slopes, the rhythm of tree trunks in the forest, flocks of birds soaring in flight, stones. From around 1988, the artist goes beyond specific subject references to purely painting-like values: color, play of values, and texture. He creates abstract compositions of fields and streaks of color filling large-format images, as well as - more and more often - paintings on gallery walls (e.g. in Konsthall, Malmö 1992, Galeria Foksal, Warsaw 1994, at the exhibition "Art towards Nature", Zachęta Gallery, Warsaw 1996 ). Over time, this type of spatial projects in public places (although he also has several private interior arrangements) have become the main theme of his work. The apogee of this tendency fell at the turn of the century, when the artist presented a colorful "floor" at the Art Biennale in Venice in 2001 and an individual exhibition-installation at the Center for Contemporary Art in Warsaw in 2003, conceived as a painting space in which the viewer can physically enter. From the beginning of his career, the artist has achieved many successes, including market ones, at home and abroad. He has participated in many prestigious group exhibitions, individually cooperates since 1984 with Galeria Foksal in Warsaw, among others with Galerie Nordenhake in Stockholm and Berlin. He had individual exhibitions in leading museums and galleries in the country as well as in London, New York, Berlin, Venice and others. His works entered the prestigious museum collections. He received the Award of Jan Cybis (1998), Zofia and Jerzy Nowosielski Foundation Award (1999), Polityka's Passport (2000). The artist emphasizes his Belarusian nationality, works for the benefit of the local community and opposition movements in Belarus. In the 1996/97 academic year, the Warsaw Academy invited him to run a studio at the Painting Department. He teaches there to this day, being for students not only an artistic authority, but also a dedicated educator, organizer of open-air workshops, workshops, and joint trips to exhibitions.
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