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The offered Audi 100 Coupe is an interesting example of preserved Polish history. According to documents, the car came to Poland in 1987, so before the fall of the Iron Curtain. In our country, it was in the hands of 4 owners, the last of which was moving the car on the streets of Warsaw. Then the vehicle was purchased by a collector of classic cars from Silesia. At that time, the car already required renovation work, which it underwent. The car received new varnish. Then the car became part of the collection, was regularly started and moved, but did not go out on the roads. After a few years, the car came to our company for service and sale. A deep mechanical service was carried out, which included the following:

- oil and filter change
- ignition system adjustment
- carburetor adjustment
- cleaning the fuel system
- brake system inspection
- spot repair of the trunk floor
-corrosion protection

Details of the technical condition are presented in the points below:

body workshops:

The car has been repaired the floor of the trunk and protected against corrosion from below. Currently does not require any bodywork repairs.


The varnish coating made a few years ago does not raise any objections, nor does it require any work.

Engine and transmission:

The engine, thanks to the adjustment carried out, starts and screws in revolutions without any problems. It shows no signs of wear. The gearbox is working well.

Suspension and brakes:

The suspension and brakes work as intended and do not require any further maintenance work.


All the interior accessories are complete, the tendons and mechanisms have been tested and work flawlessly. New rugs have been made.

As of today, the car is in a condition that allows you to start the classic season. The Audi 100 Coupe S is now one of the better investments, it has seen significant increases recently, and this is not the end yet. It is not without significance that the car is still registered on Polish black plates, which emphasize the historical dimension of the vehicle.

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