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Chassis number 189010A 8501134
Engine Number 189981 8500303

The offered car, Mercedes Benz 300d "Adenauer", is certainly one of the most interesting cars from the PRL that appeared in Poland. The car is a monument of history and proof that behind the Iron Curtain, in a country that did not have its own production of luxury cars, you could find an amazing limousine from Stuttgart. Regardless of the political option or type of power, Mercedes was always used for representative purposes. The heads of the communist parties of Asian states, African dictators, the German chancellor and the First Secretary of the Party in Poland in the 1950s and 1960s had one fact in common - each of them drove a representative limousine marked "300" on the flap.

The second half of the 1950s were times significant for Polish politics. It was then that the decision was made to order up to 10 pieces of the largest limousine then produced by the German industry, i.e. the Mercedes 300d, called by collectors Adenauer.

According to the order, from 1960 (based on the registration documents of representative vehicles in the state fleet) the Polish Ministry of the Interior had four limousines with a "carriage" body, while the Central Committee of the PZPR had two. Interestingly, in 1959, two extra-rare four-door Adenauers with an opening roof were ordered to serve parades and official events. Polish, governmental Mercedes for 12 years served in the state fleet, carrying the most important party officials. Among them you can find names from the top management of the then Polish state, i.e. Józef Cyrankiewicz and Władysław Gomułka. The cars were used for business trips around Poland, as well as during official rallies. They were often accompanied by smaller Mercedes models, the W111 sedan, and Soviet WINTERs. 300 units were also used to transport foreign heads of countries visiting Poland. Eventually, the vehicles were withdrawn and retained in a well-deserved retirement in 1971 and 1972, following government tenders, which were one of the few opportunities for citizens to own such luxury goods as governmental Adenauer. Although these days it is hard to imagine, 12-year vehicles equipped with complicated engines fueled by fuel injection and very demanding from the technical side, have become problematic for their new owner. The situation was not improved by the fact that there was a problem with the availability, but rather a complete lack of spare parts.

The Mercedes 300d offered is a vehicle with chassis number 189010A 8501134. It was one of six pieces ordered by the government of the Polish People's Republic in 1959. Interestingly, the order was very specific. The standard version of the "d" was power steering and automatic transmission, however, Polish Adenauers were not equipped with these systems probably for two reasons - the first practical, for training BOR drivers it was easier to have similarly equipped cars of Soviet and German production. The second reason was probably practical - the manual transmission was definitely easier to service, and the lack of support, despite a significant decrease in comfort, removed one potential problem from mechanics.

The copy we offer has no documentation between the tenders in 1971 or 1972 and 1978 - along with the car a document from the Pułtusk District Office was confirmed confirming the sale of Mercedes in 1978 and its registration there on numbers TP7376. In 1981, already registered on boards 0504294 and in the hands of the new owner, this time from Przasnysz, Mercedes is decommissioned, probably due to engine failure, this is confirmed by a copy of the registration certificate of the G0145428 series. Adenauer then changes ownership in 1990, this time the currency is 750 PKO bills. Re-sale occurs in 1992. The car goes to Warsaw, and the PZM appraiser's document is added to the purchase contract, which states that the engine was outside the body, without accessories, and that the body was also partially dismantled. The next owner owned the car until 2012. In previous hands, the car has been thoroughly restored, the body was covered with a new varnish in the factory color 40-schwarz, the interior has been completely renovated, chrome elements also. The drive system, the engine, which was still outside the car at the time of purchase, was rebuilt from scratch. Mercedes has been equipped with a hazard warning system for practical reasons. Currently Adenauer is not entered in the register of monuments. The car is accompanied by a letter from Mercedes-Benz Polska confirming the Polish origin of the car. Over the past 3 years, the car has undergone a number of service works in the hands of the current owner. The head has been renovated, the injection system adjusted. The original Becker Mexico radio has been repaired and works very well now. The car is in very good technical condition and is suitable for trouble-free operation, without requiring financial outlays.

The offer should be treated as a unique and unique opportunity to purchase one of the few government limousines with such a rich history. The copy offered by our company is the only surviving and restored closed body from all Polish 300d.

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