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A problem with selling German artist Nan Goldin's photograph

In the whole world there has been sold paintings, photographes and sculptures which estimated record prices. This time was different. Announced on 11 December in Blumqvist in Oslo auction of a self – portrait German artist Nan Goldwin was cancelled! Many people said that the reason of withdrawn this photograph was it bad condition. The main reason  of cancelling auction was low price which stated for this work (estimate of € 4200 to € 5.300). Those opinions turned up among Marian Goodman Gallery workers. The self – portrait made in train is one of the most known Goldin's work. In 1999 owners of that photograph was a group of collectioners.

In 2002 other Nan Goldin photograph was sold in Christie's for € 22.705. This was a higher price than proposed for a self – portrait in train made in 90 -ties XX centuary. In 2002, in Sobethy's in New York other version of self – portrait in train wasn't sold. Estimate of this work was vary between 10 thousand and 15 thousand euro. Maybe another auction of German artist's works will bring her more luck?  

Sources: The Artnewspaper

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