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Death of Jan Chwałczyk and the end of certain epoque

Jan Chwałczyk, one of the greatest representative Polish op – art and mail – art who was involved with environment in Wrocław. Apart from painting he dedicated also sculpture and space installations. Chwałczyk was strongly associated with Art Information Creative Gallery. In his first works you can see clearly nature insprations (drawning cycles Engravings, Creatures, Magic of Earth). For some time artist created works in a spirit of stucture art. He put on desks and fibreboards used instead of canvases fragments of bones, shells, plants made with them completly unknown forms of art.

In the end of 60 – ties XX centuary he inspired by light showed an exhibition called „Portraits and self – portraits”. He created light paintings. Others known Chwałczyk's works were inter alia: „Breeder of Solar Spectrum”, „Portrait of art”, „Counterpoint” (70 – ties in las centuary). In 80 – ties artist sacrificed for a new project „Polish herbarium”, where he established to his earlier works he used nature motives. His last display was realisted together with Wanda Gołkowska in Kościelak Gallery in 2008. Jan Chwałczyk in a completely different form (paintings space) showed problems of modern world. His exhibitions were presented in a country and abroad (for example in Edinburgh). Chwałczyk into a permanent signed in polish artist icons. Because of his original he ceased to amaze not only admirers, but also critics of his art.


Sources: Culture, Radio Wrocław

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