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Another cataloging of Egon Schiele's works

More fashionable become digitalization all works of famous artists. Soon, honorable faculty of the most distinguished would feed also Egon Schiele. Decition on edition of Internet catalogue took co – owner St. Etienne Gallery in New York and author of last monograph of an artist, Jane Killir. The reason why Killir will take this hard assingment is obvious – she wants to keep memory of Egon, but also of her grandfather, who published the first full catalogue of Schiele in first years in 30 – ties XX centuary. The Otto Killir's catalogue was very popular and it was republished many times both in 60 – ties and 90 – ties last centuary.

Works of artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo or Hieronimus Bosch are firmatted in digital version. This is not only a trail of invitation spectator to visit virtual museum, but also a proposition of invite him to see the most recognizable paintings of well known artists. It seems that Egon Schiele will look foward digitalization of his works. So far this ambicious project gives Jane Killir's problems New technologies aren't as simple as they look.


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