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New technologies in service of an old paintings

What in common have new technologies and old painting? It turns of a lot. Created in 1559 painting „The battle between carnival and lent” famous Deutch artist, Peter Brugel the Elder is hiding a lot of horrible secrets. Through using via X – ray photographes failed to establish that painter put number of naked bodies. One of the characters has face turned to a viewer. The scariest are naked children bodies.

In a lot of his works painter appeared death (for example in a painting „Triumph of death”) but also macabra and grotesque. Quite possible is that „Battle between carnival and lent” he treated like a sketchbook. Maybe it has been a different scene which he painted? In Renaissance very often famous artists painted fragments of clothes, scrathes of characters, or even others figures which didn't appear on a final version of a painting. This isn't strange. Art supplies such as brusches, canvases or paint were very expensive and they absorbed a lot of time (artists made them single – handedly). That is why artists tried to save materials which they have.

New discoveries on a painting of a Dutch artist are related to a project called „Inside Brugel” which are in progress in Kunsthistoriches Museum in Vienna. They have close related to an exhibition of this artist. Similar project was also about Rembarndt's works. He either, like others masters of painting created many compositions on one canvas. Interesting which and when suprise us famous artists. Probably it will be when a new X – ray project start.


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