How to sell

We search for objects of old, contemporary and modern art (painting, sculpture, graphics, drawing, photography and others), applied art (jewelry, silver, gold, plates, ceramics, design, furniture), military, books, medals, coins, collector''s items, gems, collectible wines and spirits, classic vehicles and antiques real estate.

Register now to be able to submit objects for auctions or add them to the gallery offer. Registration takes a few minutes and the account is free and unlimited.  During the process of adding a work, you will be asked to send a photo and provide information such as the author, dimensions and technique. If you want to submit a work, but you don't have much information about it, just upload a photo of it. Qualified Artbidy employees will determine the authorship, origin, date of creation and other details. After adding the artwork, our team consisting of art historians (authenticity assessment), conservators (building condition assessment) and sales staff (valuation) will analyze your application. Our specialists will contact you during the analysis in case of any suggestions or questions. We will verify your application within 24 hours.

We also accept artworks by e-mail. Applications should be sent to the email address It should contain a high-quality photo of the object and all information and documents you have. 

Artworks selling at the Artbidy auction house is free. We do not charge commission from sellers.


After the purchase of the object, the Buyer is obliged to pay the amount consisting of the price of the purchased object and (additionally) the auction house commission of 18%. The amount must be paid to Artbidy's bank account within 3 business days from the date of purchase of the object. After the money is credited to the account, Artbidy begins the finalization of the transaction.

Artbidy watches over the payment process, while securing both the Buyer's and Seller's interests. The buyer has the option of returning the object within 14 days, so the auction house settles with the seller only after the buyer confirms that the object meets his expectations. On the other hand, if the Buyer wants to return the object, he will receive a refund (full amount and commission) only when the object is returned to the auction house unchanged.


The Seller is obliged to deliver the work to the auction house within 3 business days from the moment Artbidy confirms the payment by the Buyer. The cost of delivery to the auction house is covered by the Seller. The seller is responsible for choosing the right method of delivery and for any insurance. Artbidy helps in this regard.

The auction house delivers the object to the Buyer at its own expense and risk within 7 business days of the payment date at the latest.

The Buyer does not bear the costs associated with the delivery of the purchased object at any stage.


The Buyer may return a work purchased through Artbidy within 14 days of receiving it. The buyer is obliged to return the work unchanged. The delivery costs of the returned work are covered by the Buyer.

Refunds paid for the object and commission are made within 7 business days of receiving the returned work.