How to sell


Register or contact us and sell artworks
without commission

Option A

Create a free account that allows you to submit 5 works per year on auctions
or select one of the services - Artists Membership, Galleries Network, Auction House Partnership,
to enjoy an unlimited number of applications on the auctions and the possibility of presenting your business card and a gallery offer.

Option B

Report the object for sale by sending an email to The application should contain a high-quality photo of the object, all information and documents held. Our commission consisting of art appraisers will decide to accept the work for auction and will also determine its authenticity and market value.

We accept for sale the artworks of old, modern and contemporary art (painting, sculpture, graphics, drawing, photography and others) and applied art (jewelry, silver, gold, plates, ceramics, design, furniture, vintage vehicles, military, books, medals, coins and other collector's items).

We do not charge a commission on sales.


Start sale

Choose one of the upcoming auctions and submit your artwork to it or add it to the gallery offer (option available after purchasing one of the services - Artists Membership, Galleries Network, Auction House Partnerships). During the process of adding a artwork, you will be asked to send a photo and provide information such as the author, dimensions or technique (Option A). If you want to submit a artwork, and you do not have too much information about it, all you need to do is send us a photo of it. The determination of authorship, origin, date of creation and other details will be undertaken by qualified employees of Artbidy.

Within 24 hours of adding the work, our team consisting of art historians (evaluation of authenticity), conservators (evaluation of the object's condition) and sales staff (valuation) will analyze your application. During the analysis, if any suggestion, our specialists will contact you.

Up to 24 hours after submission your work will be accepted for sale.


Finalization of the sale

If your artwork is sold at an auction or in the post-auction mode, you will receive immediate sales notification via e-mail as well as telephone contact from the sales office staff. In addition, the user panel contains a summary of all artworks submitted for sale, which shows their current status (Option A).

After selling the artwork the transaction partier (Buyer and Seller) get access to their contact details.
The process of finalizing the transaction between the parties is supervised by the employees of the Artbidy customer service department.

In case your artwork is added to the gallery offer, interested collectors will contact you directly via the form. Works from the gallery offer can be withdrawn at any time from the sale via a user-friendly panel.

Artbidy's art offer is available in 2 languages ​​and 5 currencies.
It can be viewed on all devices that support the internet anywhere in the world.