To present the artwork, you must deliver it to Artbidy?

No. The artworks are presented through photos and information added by Users. The artworks must be delivered to Artbidy's headquarters only at the time of the sale.

What is the weight and format required for images?

The maximum weight of images is 1MB. Image format is optional.


What is the commission from the sale?

We do not charge sales commissions.

What is the commission from the buy​​​​​​ing?

The commission from buying objects is 18%.

For when you can submit objects for auction?

Each auction has a deadline for submitting objects. This term can be found in the auction description.

Is submitted objects undergo selection before being accepted for auction?

Yes. The submitted objects are sent to a qualified Admissions Department, which will verify the works in terms of aesthetic value, valuation, condition and authenticity.