Auction Houses Partnership

Integration at this level helps increase the efficiency of auction house operations by expanding the group of art buyers and art auction participants. Together with the Auction House Partnership, it is possible to present the current offer of artworks (painting, sculpture, photography, drawings, graphics), applied art (furniture, lamps, ceramics, porcelain, utility items, silver, gold), coins, military items and collectibles. The auction house has an unlimited ability to inform Artbidy users about art auctions and their results, which translates into their popularity and affects the prestige of the auction house. The results of the auction are recorded in the Price Database, thanks to which the auction houses can verify the valuation of the sold works of art. Collectors have the option of direct contact with the auction house via the contact form. Auction houses within the Auction Houses Partnership service are able to accept objects for sale by adding information about upcoming art auctions. The business card in the Artbidy portal results in the interest of artists, collectors, collectors' holders and investors who want to sell their goods at auction in auction houses. Artbidy users browse the upcoming art auctions and submit works of art to them via the form. When choosing a partnership with the portal, the auction house also has the option of informing collectors about the demand for works of selected artists who are sought after by the auction house clients.