During creating the Artbidy we were aiming to provide you with unlimited opportunities to commune with art. We decided to arrange a unique meeting space for art lovers, allowing them rapid and efficient exchange of information. To meet the modern needs we have created a powerful platform, bringing together artists, gallery owners, representatives of museums, auction houses and collectors from around the world.

Artbidy gives you the opportunity to sell and buy works of art in offer mode and at auctions. Collectors can get in direct contact with the artist, gallery or auction house or indirectly with the platform. Thanks to the fact that we have a client base with whom we maintain long-term relationships, we also sell private art works offering our clients specific objects from our offer.

Artbidy's team consists of art enthusiasts, art lovers and art historians with many years of experience in the sale of artworks. We offer help in valuations, in determining the authorship and origin of works of art and collector's items. We work with the best appraisers of artworks in Poland and in the world.

Artbidy has been involved in cooperation with foundations, galleries, museums and cultural centers for many years. We are media patrons of vernissages, exhibitions, art fairs and charity auctions.