Event 90

„The Cleaner” in Belgrade

“I do not like retrospectives. A retrospective sounds like: ‘OK, the artist is probably going to die...

Event 91

Here comes youth. The First Krakow Group

The latest exhibition will be a story about the short, but intense, history of the First Krakow Grou...

Event 94


Known as one of Picasso's women - Dora Maar was a great photographer. In the 1930s, she became famou...

Event 95

he Allure of Matter: Material Art from China

Intresting and unconventional materials play the first fiddle in this exhibition. Artists employed t...

Event 99

Lucian Freud: The Self-portraits

A unique exhibition that collected that amount self-portraits of Lucian Freud for the first time in ...

Event 101

Wyspiański. Treasures from Lviv

The Boris Voznitsky Lviv National Art Gallery in cooperation with the National Museum in Krakow orga...

Event 108

In pursuit of color. Jerzy Słuczan-Orkusz glasses

The exhibition is the culmination of a research and project in the field of the history of Polish de...

Event 113

Bacon in a full display

After monographs of such artists as Marcel Duchamp, René Magritte, André Derain or Henri Matisse, Po...

Event 119

And Breathe

'And Breathe...' is an art contemplation. It focuses on mindfulness, exploration of art pieces in a ...

Event 120

Composing the space. Sculptures in the Avant-Garde

The exhibition spins the story of the fascination of modernist discoveries regarding the relationshi...

Event 121

16th International Triennal of Tapestry "Breaching Borders"

International Textile Triennial is the oldest and most important presentation of phenomena related t...

Event 125

See you after revolution! Exhibition on 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus

The 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus is a good opportunity to look at its contribution to perception...

Event 126

Inspired by the east- how the Islamic world influenced western art

Movement of 'Orientalism' reached its heyday in the mid-1800s when especially Europeans and North Am...

Event 127

Exceptional donation

This amazing collection has been acquired from internationally renowned dealers and auction houses. ...

Event 128

My soul. Women faces in Jacek Malczewski creation

Jacek Malczewski, the most famous representative of Polish symbolism, often placed female images in ...

Event 129

Yan Pei-Ming/ Courbet

The new exhibition on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Museum presents ten works by Gustave C...

Event 130

Barbara Hepworth at the Musée Rodin

The Musée Rodin will be holding the first monographic exhibition on the work of British sculptor Bar...

Event 131

„Caravaggio and Bernini. The discovery of emotions” at the Kunsthistoriches in Vienna

Museum in Vienna once again organizes a great exhibition of world painting masters. In this installm...

Event 132

Niki de Saint-Phalle

In April 2020, the first museum exhibition of this Franch-American artist, feminist and activist wil...

Event 133

William Blake

The largest William Blake exhibition ever organized at Tate Britain! Painter, graphic, poet, true ar...

Event 134

Olafur Eliasson in real life

Olafur Eliasson returns to Tate Modern with the new exhibition. In his captivating installations you...

Event 135

Albrecht Dürer

One of the most spectacular exhibitions of the Renaissance genius of the year is currently taking pl...

Event 137

Elementar Calder

An exhibition of one of the leading representatives of kinetic art - Alexander Calder - is currently...

Event 138

Dorothea Lange "Words & Pictures"

In the new year, MoMA invites you to a new exhibition with one of the photographs of the 20th centur...

Event 139

Neri Oxman "Material Ecology"

From tree bark and crustaceans’ shells to silkworms and human breath, nature has influenced Neri Oxm...

Event 140

Cézanne and the Italian Masters

The unique exhibition at which Cézanne's works were paired with the paitings of the great Italian m...

Event 141

"Bacon en toutes lettres"

After the exhibitions showcasing Marcel Duchamp, René Magritte, André Derain and Henri Matisse, the ...

Event 143

Bonnard to Vuillard: The Intimate Poetry of Rveryday Life

Bonnard to Vuillard: The Intimate Poetry of Everyday Life—The Nabi Collection of Vicki and Roger San...

Event 146

The fourth dimension

The exhibition reviews the work of Jesus Rafael Soto (1923-2005) known for redefining the scope and ...

Event 147

Ryszard Kaja. Theatrical Bar of the Lesser Poland World

Known for the POLSKA posters series (created since 2012 on behalf of the Polish Poster Gallery in Wr...

Event 149

Making Van Gogh

Known as 'father of modern art', Vincent Van Gogh is a real phenomenon, appreciated by numerous peop...

Event 150


Discover the multiple imageries of Marie-Antoinette! The new exhibition is being held at the Concier...

Event 153

Painter of disquiet

Not appreciated enough, Felix Vallotton created a very important message thanks to his art. He's an ...

Event 154

Troy- myth and realiy

The myth of Troy still evokes emotions. The lost city is widely believed to have existed, but there ...

Event 155

Gifts from the world. New monuments in the non-European collection

New monuments in the non-European collection create a wide range of works presenting art, as well as...

Event 157

Jan Hrynkowski. The artist's story

The exhibition, whose hero is the painter, graphic designer, stage designer and animator of artistic...

Event 158

Andy Warhol- From A to B and Back Again

Ech of us does know the name of this extremely intresting, prolific artist. The exhibition brings t...

Event 159

Watch This Space. Special Project

Lazinc is delighted to be exhibiting a special project curated by Guest Curator, Magda Danysz. Watch...

Event 71

New Art Auction #49

Ongoing auction

Event 72

Old Art Auction #50

We accept for auction items created before 1950 year

Event 73

Photograpy Auction #51

We accept items for auction

Event 74

New Art Auction #52

We accept for auctions items created after 2000 year

Event 75

Artistic Craft Auction #53

We accept furniture, porcelain, glass, silver, gold, jewelry, military, medals, badges and more

Event 77

Art Outlet Auction #55

We accept items for auction