Natalia Bieganska Photo

Natalia Bieganska is a Polish artist living in New York. From one-line drawings to patterns to even neon infinity mirrors, Natalia has been creating art in different forms from a young age.  Natalia has lived in and traveled to over 20 countries; immersing herself in different cultures has shaped her artwork and opened her spheres of influence.  Not only has she been inspired by the vast differences in geographies and people, but by the multitude of colors and patterns each country has to offer.  She views art as a new language that is universal in nature and just like a mother’s homemade meal can bring so much joy to any person; her art generates a real sense of inspiration and comfort.  Most of the characters in her artwork are all fictional and inspired by the diversity in this world. She feels lucky to be born during these times where art can travel so quickly from just one small post and can touch the hearts of anyone in just a second.  Natalia publishes her artwork online through social media and can be contacted through these channels for more information.
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