Event 54

Shouting! Poland.Independent 1918

Display in National Museum in Warsaw shows works of polish artists. Creators of that exibition pay a...

Event 58

The exhibition of Tytus Brzozowsk's works

At the display in Culture Prom Saska Kępa will be present all Tytus Brzozowski's works which show th...

Event 60

1918 - 2018:100. anniversary of independence, Poland – world

Exemptional exhibition that present differents scenes from Wrocław's life such as culture, history a...

Event 62


This is the biggest exhibition, where there is presented 500 works of Stanisław Wyspiański. Family p...

Event 64

Beautiful Independent

The exhibition „Beautiful independent” is a great occation to meet women who fighted for an independ...

Event 68

Pink. The history of a punk, pretty, powerful colour

Associated with Barbie dolls, daub. Pink. Colour for lovers, rebellious, people who like risk. In XV...

Event 69

History, visions, progrness

A history of National Economic Bank is directly connected with recovering of Poland indepencence. Fr...

Event 71

Paweł Orłowski's sculpture in Hala Koszyki

Tangerine robot „Orange” from „BOTY” series made by Paweł Orłowski is a proposition for the Hala Kos...

Event 72

Bruegel. Once in a lifetime

In 2018 there will be a 450th anniversary of the death of an exellent German painter - Peter Bruege...

Event 73

Picasso. Masterpieces

An exhibition of the most beautiful works of Pablo Picasso – one of the icons of XX centuary paintin...

Event 74

No spectators: The art of Burning Man at Renwick Gallery

Each year, the event of a Burning Man in Black Rock Desert in Washington, where people pay attantion...

Event 75

"Turner Prize 2018"

Turner Prize 2018 is an exhibition of young artists who use paintings, photographes and also install...

Event 42

Applied Art Auction #20

We search objects for auction - jewelry, glass, ceramics, silver, gold, textiles and more

Event 46

Jewelry Auction #24

We search objects for auction - jewelry, precious stones and others

Event 49

Furniture Auction #27

We search objects for auction - furniture

Event 50

Military Auction # 28

We search objects for auction - white weapons, decorations, uniforms and weapons

Event 52

Bibliofilia Auction #30

We search objects for auction - books, prints, manuscripts, photos, postcards, maps

Event 56

Contemporary Art Auction #34

We accept for sale objects created in the years 1950-2000

Event 57

Old Art Auction #35

We search for auction objects created before 1950 year

Event 58

New Art Auction #36

We search for auction objects created after 2000 year